A Century in the Making

By Joseph Barrile , 03/31/2017

It is game seven of the World Series and the Chicago Cubs have finally made it this far. Fans have lived their entire life without witnessing the Chicago Cubs win in all. Cleveland makes a strong come...

Shamrock Shakes

By Joseph Barrile , 03/28/2017

Never underestimate the the cold wrath of Chicago, even in the spring. It is the middle of March and spring is days away, yet it was less than 5 degrees and snowing! This made the race that much more ...

Average Guy

By Jeff R , 02/24/2017

After highschool I didn't apply to any colleges and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I learned that WIU has an amazing law enforcement program. So I researched and worked my ass off to get the requi...

Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Wall Street Analysts (RMTI)

By Steve Kanaval , 09/29/2015

Many smaller companies hope for the day when one of the “big bracket” Wall Street four initiate coverage on their stocks. They look forward to the attention the analyst can bring and the symbiotic rel...

What to Do When Short Sellers Lie Like Dogs (ANFI)

By Steve Kanaval , 09/28/2015

First let me say I have no axe to grind here. I am not short Amira Nature Foods ($ANFI), and we are not paid by the company to write about them. Let's look at the facts: Amira Nature Foods stock price...

When I saw Dr. King

By William C Webb , 01/24/2015

November 1964, I was a freshman at Duke when Martin Luther King spoke there. He had just won the Nobel Peace Prize.
I was near the back of the balcony in Page Auditorium.
He was a small figure in t...

The Movies

By Tony Perez , 10/15/2014

1953/4 In Puerto Rico Tony and Joe would take their little brother Beto to the movies. The owner of the movie house was a old classmate
oftheir mother Carmen so we got in for free. Good thing to ca...

Timed just right

By Alex Perez , 10/15/2014

1998 Alex had begun working with The law offices of Joel Freise in Beverly Hills. They were working on the class action suit against Texaco.
The refinery in Wilmington had exploded in the 80's and ma...

Tired tirers

By Alex Perez , 10/15/2014

1980 When Alex was going to law school in San Francisco his brother Joe went to stay with him. They heard that an old roommate
was trying to cause Joe trouble. So Alec and Joe Jumped in Alec's car ...

And the poor have children

By Tony Perez , 10/04/2014

PR kids/fungito kids
sitting on candle light floors waiting
some prayin’, some trying not to
some crying/waiting.
the slatted window covers,
trying to conveying safety/approximating.

The ve...