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Pam, Patti, Pame - 2018

White Rock Train Station 1964

Vick's Restaurant approx.1959

Grabowski Family of Scranton approx. 1933


Rob Hale

White Rock Train Station - 1964 Senior trip departure.

Aerial LHHS

John 'Bink' Reeves

Jimmy frank & John cocorran

Bill Hammon

1st LHHS Graduating Class 1964 @ 50th Anniversary LHHS High School Building Event.

2017 Pame, Sharron, Roy, Stan, Andy, Nancy, Sue Passmore, Jimmy Littlejohn

back- Ade, Tess, Irene front- Helen, James, Dolores, Ed


Aboard the Anita Dee Yacht with Lord Stanley in celebration of The Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup! -2015

Miami, FL-2015


My amazing nephew- Ethan Buge

1997-Game Time

1994- My father and I having a celebratory cigar

Boating down the Chicago river. Most beautiful city in the world

I ran this race 14 years ago. Pretty proud of what I did in Chicago.

John Muir Trail: Yosemite

Half Dome, Yosemite-CA

Just hangin

Strawberry Hot Springs- Steamboat, CO

Upper Yosemite Falls, CA