Groups Created by Our Members

Barrile's of Chicago

We are a big Italian family that have always been tight knit. This group depicts photos the Barrile family through the years and how we have unconditional love for each other

Cabo Cantina- Venice, CA

Cabo Cantina is a restaurant and bar located just off the Venice Pier that serves great food and drinks. They provide an "easy-going" atmosphere in which both the locals and tourist can simply go out and have a good time

Cubs Nation

We are a group of the most die hard baseballs fans known to mankind... The Chicago Cubs-2016 World Champions! We host parties and fun get togethers surrounded by the comradery of fellow fans.

Grabowski (James) Family - Scranton 1930s

This group site is for the James and Tess Grabowski family in Scranton in the 1920s and 30s. Tess and James were from Poland. Their five children- Irene, Adeline, Helen, Edward, and Dolores, were all born and raised in Scranton.

Harvard-Yale Game of 1968

We are the group of people who witnessed one of the greatest games in college football history. Please join us and share your memory of that game and the lives that followed.

Lake Highlands High School Class of 1964

Lake Highlands High School (Dallas TX) graduated its first senior class in 1964. This life story group is for that class. Please check out their photos, videos, and stories. And we ask all from the class to join this group and share your photos and stories. Also please visit the official site for class of 65, also including 64 & 66.

Lake Highlands HS (suburb of Dallas) - the early years

The Lake Highlands area of Dallas, just northeast of White Rock lake, was created in the late 1950's and early '60s. It was populated by young families, couples who had participated in WWII and their children. LHHS is unique in that it is in the city of Dallas but is in the Richardson School district. This group-site is about LHHS in the 1960's, the early years.

Life Story Writing Class Group

This group is created for the members of the life story writing class. Everyone is welcome to join. Come write your stories and share with only members.

Roads Less Traveled

I created this group to inspire and be inspired through photos of memorable places you have experienced.

Santa Monica Runners

This group is created for the runners in Santa Monica. Let's come together to share our passion for running. Post your photos, share your videos, and best of all publish your running stories. We like everyone to join us.